Do you know what a phase shifter is

Oct 15, 2021

A device that can adjust the phase of a wave by a phase shifter. Any transmission medium will introduce phase shift to the fluctuations conducted in it. This is the principle of the early analog phase shifter; after the development of modern electronic technology, the digital phase shift is realized by A/D and D/A conversion. As the name implies, it is a kind of Discontinuous phase shifting technology, but it is characterized by high precision of phase shifting.

Phase shifters are widely used in radar, missile attitude control, accelerators, communications, instrumentation and even music. In the R-C series circuit, if the input voltage is a sine wave, the voltage and current everywhere in the circuit are all sine waves. It can be seen from the phasor diagram that the output current phase leads the input voltage phase by an angle of φ. If the input voltage remains the same, when the power supply frequency f or the circuit parameter R or C is changed, the angle of φ will change. The trajectory is a semicircle. In the same way, it can be analyzed that when the capacitor voltage is used as the output voltage, the phase of the output voltage lags the phase of the input voltage by an angle of φ.

Therefore, regardless of the output voltage at the R terminal or the C terminal, the output voltage has a phase shifting effect compared with the input voltage. This effect is called resistance-capacitance phase shifting. The resistance-capacitance phase-shifting link is widely used in electronic technology applications, such as phase-shifting circuits, coupling circuits, differential circuits, integrating circuits, and so on.

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