The composition and use of rf attenuators

Aug 12, 2021

1. Technical indicators: working frequency band, attenuation, power capacity, return loss
Operating frequency band: refers to the use of attenuators within a given frequency range, the attenuator can reach the index value.
Attenuation: Describes the degree of power reduction after the power passes through the attenuator.
Power capacity: the limit value of the power that the attenuator can withstand. If the limit is exceeded, the attenuator will be burned.
Return loss: Return loss is the standing wave ratio of the attenuator, and the input and output standing wave ratio at both ends of the attenuator should be as small as possible.
2. Composition and main purpose
The basic material is a resistive material, and the usual resistance is a basic form of attenuator, and the resistance attenuation network formed thereby is a lumped parameter attenuator. Through a certain process, the resistive material is placed in the radio frequency/microwave circuit structure of different bands to form the attenuator of the corresponding frequency. Many occasions need to use fast adjustment attenuator. This type of attenuator usually has two implementations,-it is a semiconductor low-power fast-adjusting attenuator, such as a PIN tube or a FET monolithic integrated attenuator; the second is a resistance attenuation network controlled by a switch, and the switch can be an electronic switch or It is a radio frequency relay.

Control power level: Control the output power of the local oscillator in the microwave superheterodyne receiver to obtain the best noise figure and conversion loss to achieve the best reception effect. In the microwave receiver, automatic gain control is realized to improve the dynamic range.
Decoupling component: As a decoupling component between the oscillator and the load.
Relative standard: As a relative standard for comparing power levels.
Jump attenuator used in radar anti-jamming: It is a variable attenuator whose attenuation can be changed abruptly. It usually does not introduce attenuation, but suddenly increases attenuation when encountering external interference.
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