What are the characteristics of Multifunctional MMIC Products

Mar 28, 2021

MMIC is the abbreviation of Multifunctional MMIC Products. It uses a series of semiconductor process methods to manufacture passive and active components on a semi-insulating semiconductor substrate, and connect them to form a functional circuit applied to the microwave (or even millimeter wave) frequency band.

Multifunctional MMIC Products, that is, MMIC is the abbreviation of Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit, which includes a variety of functional circuits, such as low noise amplifiers (LNA), power amplifiers, mixers, upconverters, detectors, modulators, voltage controlled oscillators (VCO), phase shifter, switch, MMIC transceiver front end, and even the entire transmit/receive (T/R) component (transceiver system). Due to the high electron mobility of MMIC substrate materials (such as GaAs, InP), wide band gap, large operating temperature range, and good microwave transmission performance, MMIC has low circuit loss, low noise, frequency bandwidth, and large dynamic range. , High power, high additional efficiency, strong ability to resist electromagnetic radiation, etc.

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