What is a monolithic microwave integrated circuit (passive MMIC products)?

Sep 13, 2020

The monolithic microwave integrated circuit is a single package radio frequency component assembly zhi component in response to the large amount of information of the du5G data network. Early base stations can accommodate four to eight antennas, while 5G base stations can accommodate hundreds of independent transmitting and receiving antennas operating simultaneously-this means that hundreds of radio channels can now be scanned and processed in parallel, and all work At higher frequencies.

Due to the density and complexity of the antenna configuration, it becomes impractical to connect the necessary number of cables to simulate and test each channel. Since to a certain extent, the inherently higher data throughput of 5G can be achieved through wider bandwidth signals, 5G testing also requires extreme broadband instruments that can generate and analyze new 5G waveforms.
Therefore, designers of 5G test systems need to adopt a radio frequency component that can adapt to the extreme multi-channel test environment in a wide frequency band, while this component cannot significantly increase the size and weight of the device. This means that a higher level of integration is required and a new system design scheme is adopted, that is, a monolithic microwave integrated circuit (passive MMIC products) that integrates multiple functions in a single package instead of discrete radio frequency components.

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